3 min readApr 3, 2021



We’re living in a historical moment in which a giant wave of innovation is questioning pillars such as politics, economics and art.

This wave is called blockchain.

It’s for this exact reason that we decided to start this experiment, desiring to take advantage of a delicate balance of speculation, technology, psychology, and art to encompass it into a single astonishing masterpiece.

We aim at creating the first crowdsourced artwork entirely hosted on the blockchain.

We believe that what we have shaped can influence an entire branch of digital art: the individual will be dethroned from the lone title of “artist” and be replaced by the community, which not only participates in the work of art itself but becomes its owner.

The direct consequence of this radical change means that the work of art is no longer the product of a single mind, but rather it becomes the emergent property of the individual actions of the participants.

“An emergent property can appear when a number of simple entities — called agents — operate in an environment giving rise to more complex behaviors as a community.”

An example of an emerging property is the shape and behavior of a flock of birds or a shoal of fish.

With that concept in mind, we present our (and your) first painting named “Thermal Death”:

  • This painting is composed of only 17,600 pixels.
  • You can buy each pixel for 0.1 ETH.
  • Every purchase on this site will take place through a ‘smart contract’ located on the ethereum blockchain.
  • After purchasing a pixel, a unique ethereum NFT (ERC-721) — containing information such as coordinates, color, and artist signature — will be transferred to your wallet.
  • You can change the color and the signature defined within each pixel NFT in your wallet by calling a dedicated function of the smart contract as many times as you want.
  • Furthermore, you can freely trade each NFT, even in secondary markets. After the trade, the new NFT owner will have the power of signing and changing the color of the pixel(s).

The whole project is completely decentralized and completely on-chain. Moreover, we do not use ISPF or any other external hosting, but only the ethereum blockchain.

This means that by not relying on any other external information, as long as the ethereum network is active, this project will be fully accessible in its entire essence, pixel by pixel.

Furthermore, as mentioned above, you can change the colors of the pixels contained in the NFTs whenever you want, but this will not be possible forever.

The sale of the last pixel on the smart contract will kick off the final phase of the project: the completion of the painting itself.


The smart contract will start by itself a 2-week countdown from the moment in which the last pixel has been sold. At the end of the countdown, it will be impossible to modify the color and signatures ever again, crystallizing forever the first crowdsourced work of art on the blockchain. This action cannot be stopped by anyone since it’s already written in the code.

Once the mosaic is frozen, the NFTs can be appreciated for their artistic and historical value.

Users will go from owning a speculative NFT to owning a part of the most influential collaborative artwork of the last decade, which we are sure will be exhibited in museums around the world.

Will you be one of the visionaries who change the art world with us?